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Below are samples of some of my latest published work and collaborative projects in gallery format for public viewing. Any character copyrights stay with the respective owners of course but please do not reproduce any of the material on this site without prior consent. If you have any questions or are interested in commissioning a piece please contact me via any of the services on the contact page.

Click the links below to view the work.

Only Death Can Save Us Only Death Can Save Us
Publisher: Viking Press Comics
Info: Art and story
Hero Time presents Batman Hero Time presents Batman
Publisher: DC / Panini
Info: Art
Doctor Who Magazine Doctor Who Magazine
Publisher: Panini UK / BBC
Info: Line art
Ben 10 Ben 10
Publisher: Panini / Cartoon Network
Info: Art
Draw The Marvel Way Draw The Marvel Way
Publisher: Marvel/Hachette
Info: Line art
Dr Who Adventures Dr Who Adventures
Publisher: Panini UK / BBC
Info: Monthly / Linework
Geysers Of Titan Geysers Of Titan
Publisher: Aces Weekly
Info: Art
Noontide Story Boards Noontide Feature Film
Producer: CloudNine
Info: StoryBoards
By The Sword By The Sword
Publisher: Aces Weekly
Info: Art and Letters
StormChasers StormChasers
Publisher: UnstoppableComics
Info: 22Page Comic/Linework
Interceptor : Genesis Interceptor : Genesis
Publisher: Unstoppable
Info: Pencils/Inks 22Pages
BBBlackDog John Hulley
Publisher: MQM
Info: 15Page Comic/Linework colour
Dies Hard Story Boards Dies Hard Story Boards
Publisher: Brightwave
Info: Dies Hard Story Boards
HeartBeat - Heroes HeartBeat - Heroes
Publisher: Quill Publications
Info: Art
Judge Anderson Judge Anderson
Publisher: FutureQuake
Info: Linework